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Anal Cream Pies Vol. 7

Published: 6/17/2021

Anal Cream Pies Vol. 7

With a title like “Anal Cream Pies” (“ACP”), you’re not going to get goodie-two-shoes, wholesome, clean-cut cinema. No, siree. Try filthy, nasty, buttfucking, sperm-injecting p-o-r-n. It’s the best. And with a skilled director like Mason at the helm, you know the featured women are gonna be young, sexy and perverted. Add top-notch camerawork, and this lucky seventh volume of “ACP” is no X-ception to the Mason raunch rule — way-high points especially going to the amazingly succulent, decadent Liv Revamped.

Kyler Quinn is a thin, wiry little beauty who gets the “ACP” treatment from Squire Ramon Nomar, with devastatingly gnarly results. Quinn is a marvy deepthroater, though it’s not long before Nomar is right up her ass doggie style. She looks thin but has a meaty butt that’s really on display during cowgirl-anal, with our resident Nomar manipulating her clit while she rides him. “You feel that?,” Nomar asks as he’s creaming into her anus during a second jaunt of doggie. Fanny-fucking-tastic!

The best is up next, with round, curvy, juicy, succulent, pretty, horny-as-hell brunette Liv Revamped getting the “ACP” treatment from the semenly ubiquitous Mick Blue in one truly stupend-ass scene. Blue almost immediately sticks his prick in her butthole, with Revamped possessing, I think, one of the best asses in the current biz. Consequently, Blue goes wild during doggie, and I don’t blame him. Revamped’s deliciously thick thighs are a sight for sore eyes during reverse-cowgirl-anal. And I just love how Revamped jams fingers in her pussy while riding Blue. She’s a superb cocksuckette, too, appreciating a furious face-fucking during numerous romantic ATMs.

Cowgirl-anal with Revamped might even be better than doggie-anal when Revamped starts to squat and bounce like a sex-maniac on Blue’s prick. Spoon-anal is choice (Revamped is just so into it all!), followed by more doggie and (a return to) spoon-anal, then some hammering missionary-anal, with (again) plenty of ATMs splashed all over the place, before Blue’s pricky shoots plenty of sticky up Revamped’ ...continued below

tight anus — our brave girl playing with her fine pussy as she pushes out the jizz from her dilated butthole. She even squats and continues arduously pushing, making sure every last drop plops out. Love ya, Liv! I wanna see everything she’s in!

And we still have two ferocious ACP firecrackers left, with the unsinkable Nomar, separately, banging the bountiful butts attached to Vanessa Sky and Adira Allure — both of ‘em presenting a fine contrast in terms of big-assed brunette and equally big-assed blonde, respectively, who love nothing better than getting their anuses jackhammered silly and filled with willie spilly. I love the black fishnets Sky is wearing, with our girl giving a hellacious deepthroat; doggie-anal is surpassed only by all of the ATMs Sky offers up, with Nomar spurting up her ass during standing spoon — after which, Sky heroically pushes it out; the Nomar nectar is dripping, with Sky and (yikes!) Nomar lapping it up.

The blonde Allure offers another off-the-scale ass-fucking session. And if you can get past her occasionally absurd, clownish expressions, it’s one of this apocalyptic gonzo’s most energetic sessions — with cowgirl- and doggie-anal being scene highlights, Allure filling her pussy and ass with a dildo when Nomar is in the other hole, and Allure even squirting during cowgirl-vadge and reverse-cowgirl-anal. This non-stop-chattering vixen never seems to be satisfied with how hard, deep, and long her anus is pounded. “I feel it going into my intestines!,” Allure proclaims as Nomar releases love juice up her anus during reverse-cowgirl-anal. “My sweet-ass cum,” she groans as she ATMs Nomar’s rod afterwards.

“Look what you did to me,” she then proclaims with bent-over ass and dilated anus. “You left me so fucking used!” Awesome.

What can I say? Porn doesn’t get any nastier, any better than this kind of wondrous material — thank you, Mason! — with all of the lusty ladies performing swimmingly in their own special ways. But Liv Revamped? I could watch this juicier-than-juicy babe-a-licious sweetheart disrobe, suck dick, get fucked in the vadge and/or ass 24/7!

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