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Multi-Orgasmic 2

Published: 6/17/2021

Multi-Orgasmic 2

That mystical phenomenon of the multi-orgasmic woman is the special of the day in this all-sex romp from the perverts over at Porn Pros.

Jessie Saint and Danny Mountain:

The opening scene involves real estate agent Saint pitching a lavish home to potential client Mountain. While Mountain admits that her pitch is impressive, he notes that the property isn’t much different from any other he’s looked at — and the only thing that will convince him to buy the house is if Saint puts his vibrator in her pussy and gives him a tour. Obviously, the sexual power fantasy is at play here, and Saint plays it well. Mountain follows her around the house, zapping her with the vibrator over and over and causing her to lose control and fall to the floor in ecstasy multiple times before settling her on the futon and having his way with her in full. All the standard positions are in play, and Mountain fucks Saint into orgasmic bliss in every one of them.

Audrey Hempburne and Sam Shock:

This scene opens with a beaming Hempburne dressed in Valentine’s Day red underwear presenting her boyfriend (and via POV, the audience) with a phone that’s connected to a vibrator she’s stashed in her pussy. As a sexy gift for the dual audience, she offers us the ability to use the app to make her cum whenever we want. This is a bit different than the opening scene because Shock isn’t openly revealed on camera until much later in the scene. This allows the audience to feel more like they are the guy in the fantasy, which is fun. After clicking her into orgasmic overload a number of times, Hempburne finally peels her panties aside to reveal her creamy, pulsating pussy — which sends the action into overdrive. She gorges her mouth on our cocks hungrily and gallops on us like an Old West bandit fleeing the town sheriff on horseback. The cream pie ...continued below

inish is a nice bit of proverbial icing on the Valentine’s Day cake.

Hazel Moore and Alex Legend:

This scene starts out with a bang. Moore looks fabulous in red matching underwear, and Legend invites her to ride the legendary Sybian immediately. It doesn’t take long for Moore to shudder into multiple intense orgasms on the machine, and the camera captures some extremely intimate close-ups of Moore’s pussy dripping onto the relentless machine. This is the most effective fantasy-serving scene in the movie and represents a damn bold choice by the director. It doesn’t take long for Legend to fill Moore’s petite pussy to the brim with his cock, and every stroke seems to narrowly avoid splitting her in half while simultaneously sending her to the moon in an orgasmic stupor.

Kamryn Jade and Kyle Mason:

Like the previous scene, Jade takes a ride on the Sybian, and her pussy pays the delightful price as Mason ramps up the machine’s intensity mercilessly. Poor Jade looks and sounds like she’s about to explode at one point, but the horny harlot still takes the joystick and turns the machine up to full, deliciously annihilating her quaking pussy in the process. Like every other spinster in this film, Jade’s cunt looks stuffed to bursting with Mason’s impressive fuck spear — and his rhythmic thrusting brings the naughty nubile to the brink of ecstasy over and over. Make sure you watch for the cowgirl because it should not be missed under any circumstances!

As is often the case with Porn Pros, this is a fuck film that knows exactly what it wants to be, exactly who it wants watching it, and exactly how to play up the fantasy at hand. The lovely young ladies in the cast all look edible from head to toe, and watching them crumble under the sheer bliss of orgasm after orgasm is exactly what the doctor ordered for this fanbase.

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