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She Wants Us Both

Published: 6/17/2021

She Wants Us Both

An engaging, horny anthology, with each story involving two foxy females teaming up on one very lucky male. And doing the basic math, you get eight ladies altogether (can’t go wrong here!) — all from the good pervs at MYLF and New Sensations.

Violet Rain plays a sweetie who’s fretting to her stepmom, Sarah Vandella, that Rain’s basketball-star boyfriend, Michael Swayze, won’t fuck her ‘cause he’s afraid of getting her pregnant — and that he’ll eventually forget about her when he’s “rich and famous.” So, devious stepmom con-cocks a plan, whereby the dude will fuck both Rain and Vandella (who claims that she’s “fixed”) and cum inside mom — and once he’s gone, Vandella will scoop out the sperm and artificially inseminate her stepdaughter, thus anchoring the boyfriend. And you thought basic ethics didn’t exist in porn stories?

The best parts here feature Rain in action, with this darling brunette (possessing sweet little tits and one juicy ass) excelling in cowgirl with that rockin’ Rain rump, while she also sucks cock magnificently. Though it’s nice seeing Vandella’s big ass crazily during cowgirl. Rain is especially fantastic during doggie, wherein she eats mommy’s pussy. And we definitely get one ‘messy’ ending.

Big-assed, big-titted, heavily tattooed brunette Lily Lane, possessing one phenomenal derriere, is up next, hitching a ride on Johnny Castle on his motorcycle. Castle takes her to his home, and the two deviants get it on right in his garage, with similarly big-titted/big-assed/heavily tattooed Anna Belle Peaks playing Castle’s wife/roommate (it’s never made clear), showing up and turning it into a volcanic scene. Lane has such a stupendous ass, and is a fantastic cocksucker, going deep, loud, and long. Standing and traditional doggie with Lane (yes, she does it twice!) is similarly brilliant, and it’s not too bad either with Peaks, who eats Lane (reclined upon Castle’s motorcycle) as Castle bangs and slaps Peaks’ bountiful butt. And check out Lane during cowgirl, with her killer ass ch ...continued below

heeks madly undulating, as Peaks massages Lane’s asshole, before Castle creams on the tongues of both seemingly insatiable ladies. High-energy stuff!

Kassandra Cain (the tall brunette with the bigger boobs) and Katya Rodriguez (an absolutely adorable spinner) are both highly cum-petitive joggers out to pick up the same fella, played by Codey Steele, who invites ‘em to his home to have a “peace brunch” and not argue with each other — with all three getting embroiled in (you got it!) one fiery threesome. The scene is not only erotic, but fun, as Cain and Rodriguez comically — though quite carnally! — compete for Codey-cock. It’s great seeing them both try to out-deepthroat the other with Steele’s sword. Damn! Doggie with both ladies is amazing, especially the darling Rodriguez — and Steele really slams it in their cheeks, especially Cain, as each lady eats the other. A movie highlight is when they’re stacked up on the other (Rodriguez on top) in the doggie pose, with Steele going back and forth ‘tween their pussies. Smokin’!

Office managers Dana DeArmond and Ariella Ferrera have a clumsy male administrative assistant, Rion King, whom they decide to fire. But he blackmails the sexy MILFs with footage he’s just shot of them getting it on with one another, threatening to use it to piss off their husbands; an incendiary ménage-a-trois soon explodes right there in the office. For me, cowgirl and doggie with DeArmond totally rock, as well as when King goes back and forth between both ladies when they’re shoulder-to-shoulder (their pussies fully spread!) in the missionary stance. Love that big behind on DeArmond and those hellacious hooters on Ferrera. And it’s awesome when King creampies DeArmond during missionary, the sperm drip-drip-drippin’ out of her pussy for Ferrera to catch underneath, before Ferrera just licks it off DeArmond’s asshole and twat. Wow!

“She Wants Us Both” is a terrific, entertaining, raunchy boy-girl-girl anthology, with each scene being special for its own reasons, be it Rain, Lane, Rodriguez or DeArmond. Still, all eight ladies totally kick ass!

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