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Squirting Lesbians Vol. 4

Published: 6/1/2021

Squirting Lesbians Vol. 4

The kink of getting off to women who orgasm in gushing fashion combined with the allure of lusty lesbian love is the special of the day in this treat from the folks at Sweetheart Video courtesy of veteran porn director Mike Quasar.

Jessie Saint and Adira Allure:

A frustrated Jessie Saint confides in her older step-sister (Adira Allure) that she’s broken up with her girlfriend because the sex was dissatisfying. Saddened by her younger sibling’s misfortune, Adira decides to show Jessie the extraordinary pleasures of true lesbian sex. I love the amount of kissing to start this scene! It’s sensual and erotic and genuine and it creates a very strong connection between the two performers.

Adira comes off exactly like an older sister taking her young, inexperienced sibling under her wing, and Jessie submits to Adira’s tutelage with perfectly believable enthusiasm. Jessie’s squirt comes out of nowhere as Adira goes to work on her clit with her fingers and tongue, while Adira’s own shockingly powerful squirts are the result of Jessie’s persistent clit rubbing.

Aiden Ashley and Kenzie Reeves:

This scene has a big goth/punk vibe to it. Kenzie is the uber confident, sexually aggressive riot grrrrl type of slut who holds no qualms about her late night booty calls. Meanwhile Aiden is mousy and timid, yet curious about Kenzie’s mind-blowing, sheet-soaking orgasms. Luckily for her, Kenzie is willing to show her what she’s been missing. Both of these ladies look pretty incredible in their combinations of ripped daisy dukes, fishnet stockings and fingerless gloves. Aiden stuffing her panties into her own mouth and rolling her legs back so Kenzie could munch on her box was a fantastic choice to start the action.

It’s such a delightfully slutty visual and sets the sexy tone right away. When Kenzie’s vigorous stuffing causes Aiden’s aching pussy to erupt all over the couch, the shocked look on Aiden’s face feeds the fantasy in a big way. Things get even more want ...continued below

on when Kenzie forces Aiden to lick her own cum off the leather. Meanwhile, Aiden manages to bring Kenzie to a leg-quivering orgasm on the strength of her vigorous tonguing. This is a very arousing visual that director Mike Quasar captures perfectly and it fits Kenzie’s character as established at the scene’s start. This is really good, naughty, nasty stuff.

Whitney Wright and Skylar Snow:

When Whitney Wright comes on to her longtime friend Skylar Snow during a night of drunken shenanigans, Skylar rebuffs her firmly. Worried that she’s damaged their friendship beyond repair, Whitney is depressed and despondent. However much to Whitney’s surprise, Skylar approaches her the next day and assures her that not only is their friendship firmly intact, but so too is the piqued nature of Skylar’s attitude about their potential coupling.

Skylar Snow and her bountiful boobs are stunning. She’s such a pretty woman and watching her body clench in response to the sensuality of the pin-up girl that is Whitney Wright is insanely satisfying. These ladies really take their time with each other, building to multiple drenching orgasms.

Kenna James and Mia Moore:

Massage therapist Kenna James is completely enamored with the lithe body of her client Mia Moore; so much so that Kenna is unable to resist the urge to fondle Mia during the massage. Luckily, Mia is only too happy to reciprocate. Kenna James is just wonderful. She immerses herself in her sex and completely captures the essence of fantasy fulfillment. I could watch her all day. I also love the way Mia hungrily inhales Kenna’s entire pussy. It's incredibly sensual.

This is a fine fetish film. Squirting is a taboo kink and Mike Quasar serves its audience nicely here. The cast is pretty top notch and nothing is overdone. There are some very kinky positions in this film that are designed to make the audience really tap into their carnal desires but emphasis on kissing helps create a sensuality that softens the nasty just enough to make this movie ripe for couples faire.

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