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Young Harlots: Break the Rules

Published: 6/7/2021

Young Harlots: Break the Rules

A cavalcade of sexual shenanigans abounds at this prestigious all-girls school. Can the staff do anything to quell the carnal appetites of their student body, or will they find themselves teaching lessons on the pleasures of the flesh?

“The Young Harlots” anthology series from UK-based porn studio Harmony Films has been around for years. The movies always center on a university or private school setting frequented by horny female students, and usually have a subtitle indicating a potential theme (for example “Break the Rules”), while featuring some of Europe’s most scrumptious nubiles. Here, Trash Meister makes their directorial debut for the series and it’s clear they understand exactly what fans of these films are looking for when they “enroll.”

Things get started rather quickly with student Sam Bourne peeping into some windows hoping to catch a glimpse of the female students in compromising positions. Unfortunately for Bourne, the university Matron (Smyth) catches him in the act, clocks him with a stiff right cross and carries him inside like a sack of potatoes for some disciplinary action. Things get even more out of hand when teacher Alice Judge arrives with her own delinquent student (Lady Dee), whom she caught wearing a strap-on. The teachers decide to teach both students a lesson and we’re off to fucksville!

Rebecca Jane Smyth is pretty sexy and gets the bulk of the action, which includes a pseudo-DP with Bourne slamming her asshole while Judge fists her pussy; she also gets doubly stuffed by Judge who pounds her ass with the dildo while Bourne vigorously pumps clunge. The finish has a bit of a cuckold element to it as Bourne beats his meat to cream (much to the disappointment of the Matron), while the ladies fondle each other. The story takes another unexpected twist when school president Tina Kay and senior administrator Jasmine Jae walk in on the aftermath and execute their own flavor of reprimand on the students.

The Matron delivers the confiscated strap-on to Judge’s office, but Lady Dee and her classmate Misha Cross sneak in a bit later to find it. With the place seemingly to themselves, the two nubile women take the opportunity to share a taboo fuck in the teacher’s office, but Judge walks in and catches them in the act. This leads to more “disciplinary action” as Judge teaches the girls how to really play games. I love the setting here; the aged wooden desk, the shelves brimming with old books and the weathered hearth, all work to create an authentic atmosphere, and watching Dee and Cross get fucked all over the room while still wearing most of their skimpy uniforms really feeds the naughty schoolgirl fantasy.

Sam Bourne finds his piano studies interrupted by ...continued below

a vivacious and horny Lou Lou, who texts him to sneak over for a naughty spot of afternoon sex. But just when things start to heat up after he successfully sneaks into the building, teacher Brittany Bardot walks in and ruins everything. Appalled and furious that Lou Lou would dare violate the rules by sneaking a boy onto campus, Bardot spanks the hell out of her with her cane while Bourne watches, then opts to show the students the proper way to conduct a carnal rendezvous. Lou Lou has a great body and watching her ride Bourne was a real treat, as was the energetic reverse cowgirl from Bardot.

Teacher Pascal White catches Alyssa Divine and Lou Lou misbehaving once again, a common occurrence for the two delinquents, and brings them to the Matron hoping she can sort them out. Instead, she instructs Mr. White to deal with the students in the “special way he always does.” Well, we all know what that means, eh? You guessed it, he fucks them into compliance! Alyssa is an absolutely gorgeous creature whose throat can take quite the beating as evidenced by White casually face-fucking her rather relentlessly. I like the intensity here. Pascal fucks Lou Lou pretty vigorously, and she sounds like she’s being enjoyably punished throughout, while Alyssa seems to melt into the dirtiness of the entire encounter. She embraces her teacher’s cock and feasts hungrily on Lou Lou’s bean whenever Pascal offers her the chance, and the creampie/snowball finish is raunchy as hell!

Despite Bardot’s warning to Bourne to never return to the school, the lustful lad resumes his peeping ways, catching a glimpse of sexy Honour May and Lou Lou fondling each other in a window, and gets caught once again (wow he’s really bad at this, or is he really good at it)? Bardot drags him into the common area to face Alice Judge, and she brings Honour along with him to face punishment for enticing the impressionable lad. Judge and Bardot teach Honour the dangers of teasing a horny young man by letting Bourne fuck the hell out of her. Honour’s legs seem to go on for days and she looks great in every position as Bourne plows her desperately as the older ladies encourage him. The shenanigans conclude with Bourne dumping his load on Honour’s pussy and then scampering away as Bardot hurls threats after him about never returning to the school.

This is a schoolgirl fantasy movie through and through, which is the wheelhouse of the “Young Harlot” films. Honour May and Lou Lou really stood out for me, as they both look fantastic during sex, while Alyssa Divine was a pleasant surprise. The older ladies are gems in their own right and Sam Bourne does a helluva job laying the pipe to the entire cast. If the naughty schoolgirl fantasy turns you on, this movie will be right up your alley.

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