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The Four Finger Club 28

Published: 6/7/2021

The Four Finger Club 28

Director Eddie Powell presents the 28th volume in this venerable lesbian series from New Sensations. The basis is simple; two women sit down for an introductory interview with the director before having unscripted sex with each other.

Avi Love and Charlotte Sins:

During the interview portion of the scene, Avi shares a surprising tidbit about her first lesbian experience and a personal fantasy of hers, while Charlotte (my goodness this woman is pretty), reveals what led her to porn, what she likes specifically about sex with women and how hungry she is to try everything she can sexually since she’s only been in the business for six months.

This scene is really sensual, because both ladies take their time, and their soft, breathy moans combined with the occasional smack of their lips on each other creates an erotic soundtrack for the sex. Avi is particularly vulnerable to her pleasure, vocalizing how surprisingly wet she is, and giggling about how her skin is involuntarily responding to Charlotte’s touch. I loved the unscripted way Charlotte mounted the Sybian, as she and Avi really communicate with each other about the amount of intensity Charlotte can handle. It’s such a trust-building and genuine moment, and Avi teases Charlotte to a mind-bending orgasm before mounting the machine for her own, equally intense orgasm.

Vanna Bardot and Lauren Phillips:

Lauren talks about her past as a professional dancer and how porn has become the outlet she thought dancing would be for her, while also revealing her kinky choking fetish. Vanna reveals (among other tidbits), the thing that surprised her most about the industry and how happy she is that porn has allowed her such a safe space to live out her sexual fantasies. The sex starts out slowly, but with a very intense moment as Vanna urges Lauren to bite her nipples really hard, sending her rolling into ecstasy. It’s intensely erotic. Again, both ladies communicate with each other throughout, telling the other exactly what they like and what feels good, which leads to a very pleasurable experience for both. I freaking love Lauren Phillips. I love her body, I love her voice, I love how willing she is to connect with her partners during sex, and how unabashed she is about expressing her pleasure. Watching her get off to Vanna fingering her is enough to send a person, and her ride on the Sybian is an exercise in surrendering to the effects of overwhelming pleasure (as the audience learns from Lauren’s comme ...continued below

nt about how connected she is to her pussy after it’s over). For her own part, Vanna just about melts on the machine and her vulnerable admission about the way her pussy feels afterwards is super hot.

Krissy Lynn and Natalia Queen:

Natalia talks about how she found porn through the world of live-streaming while Krissy shares the kinky threesome that led her to the business. Watching these two kiss is great! I love the way Krissy slides her body all over Natalia while they kiss; it’s like she’s a giant snake coiling around her prey and my word is it arousing to look at! Honestly, it’s my favorite moment in the scene, possibly the entire movie. The way they incorporate toys is fantastic; I really love how Natalie holds her fingers still inside Krissy’s pussy while Krissy holds the Hitachi right on her clit. You can clearly hear how wet Krissy is with Natalie’s fingers inside her, and when she demands Natalie fuck her harder it’s an awesomely genuine moment.

Paige Owens and Kristen Scott:

Both these ladies share their love for a kink that has an aggressive connotation, which of course primes the viewer for a certain experience and fits right in with the subject matter of this film. It’s really interesting hearing Paige and Kristen talk about the types of porn they watch as well. Once the sex starts, Paige asks Kristen to sit on her face and pops the scene off right away. Paige looks wonderfully slutty with her legs wide open and her face literally smashed into Kristen’s snatch, and Kristen looks like the force of her orgasms is going to shatter her body into pieces more than once. It’s hot as fuck, as is watching Kristen bury four fingers into Paige’s pussy while slurping at her asshole. The scene culminates with both ladies slaying each other with the Sybian in explosive fashion (like for real, I think Kristen was transported to orgasm heaven).

The best thing about this title is easily the authentic nature of the entire affair. The opening interviews are informative, but personal, and audiences should love the fact that the director just lets the ladies do whatever they want. Every scene is a single shot so there’s no fixing anything in post here; what you see is what happened in real-time. I also really enjoyed the way the performers communicated with each other during the scene. So often we hear about the dangers of porn being used as sex ed instead of being viewed as the fantasy it is, but this project really works to show audiences how effective communication during sex can look and work.

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