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Maids on Duty Vol. 2

Published: 6/7/2021

Maids on Duty Vol. 2

What is it about female maids? Well, simply put — if they’re attractive — they look outstanding in those traditional black-and-white outfits with the frilly mini-skirts. And you get four such mouthwateringly delicious maids in this high-temperature Private anthology, with all four women being horny as hell; this particular torrid title also delivers a pair of (hallelujah!) scalding anal-sex episodes.

Up first, Alberto Blanco wins a private (and Private!) pool game with the always-amazing Veronica Leal; with Al telling her that he wants Vera to dress up as a maid and fulfill his long-time fantasy in order to “work off” her debt, leading to one molten butt-fucking sequence. With her perfect all-natural body, redheaded Vera looks exquisite in her all-black maid’s outfit, starting off by delivering one nasty blowjob, as in marvelously offensive wet noises and balls-deep action — and it goes on for a good long time, too! Then, after fully worshipping Vera’s ass, Al dunks his sinker into her butthole for some awesome doggie-anal drilling; but he, thankfully, doesn’t neglect her vagina, going back and forth ‘tween such heavenly holes. Missionary-anal and missionary–vadge allow us to get into Leal’s pretty face and tasty tits. Look at how she grinds her ass and pussy into Al during spoon. And doesn’t Vera have the puffiest pussy? Cowgirl and reverse-cowgirl in the butthole and vadge are equally arousing, and it’s nice that Vera digs a little spanking, with Al lettin’ loose his load all over Leal’s labia after some slow, deep reverse-cowgirl anal; Vera gladly doing an ATM and lappin’ up all of the sperm with a warm smile. She’s amazing.

Lana Roy next gets her backside blasted out by Potro de Bilbao, who plays a workaholic boyfriend not giving Lana enough attention, until she dresses up in a maid’s outfit, getting his libido into high gear; the situation quickly developing into some scalding backdoor hammering, highlights including ...continued below

fantastic doggie- and spoon-anal, both of which magnificently spotlight Roy’s royal rear, while reverse-cowgirl-anal displays just how well Lana knows how to work her bodacious bod and get Potro off; Bilbao-boner batter spraying all over her flat tummy, with Lana putting Potro’s pud right back up there for some more anal loving, leaving us with a major gape as the camera fades. Choice!

Busty Briana Banderas plays a real maid (no fantasy dress-up, that is) who gets it on — good and dirty! — with her boss, in the form of Marco Banderas; with Briana showing off plenty of butt with her short skirt. Briana not only has a juicy ass but one hairy pussy and big augmented boobs. Man! Her appetite itself is just as palpable! You can see how much she adores getting fucked. Great deepthroater, too. A highlight here being doggie-vadge, focusing on that round, succulent, firm booty, which Marco slams like mad.

Lastly, way-cute Lya Missy plays a well-to-do chick who fires her maid after she sees her hubby, played by Jesus Reyes, checks her out a few times too often, until she realizes (uh, hello?) the guy has a fetish for women in maid outfits; so (you guessed it) Lya surprises him one day dressed in just such an alluring get-up; with Lya really shining in the missionary department, as her awesome, 100-percent natural boobs have such a wonderful spring to them, as well as during reverse-cowgirl. And she’s just so pretty (hell, I even adore the slight gap in her front teeth), frequently looking at us/the camera while getting humped, almost as if cheating on her husband. And, aside from the beautiful boobs, Lya’s got a tight little bottom that’ll drive you crazy — sure works for Reyes’ rod!

“Maids on Duty 2” is an excellent Private anthology, including two nuclear anal interludes with two nuclear babes, while the other pair of strictly vadge scenes feature gals who’re just as scrumptious; high points especially going to Veronica Leal for her truly slutty attitude and dick-throbbingly good looks.

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