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An Unconventional Love

Published: 6/7/2021

An Unconventional Love

Conservative Christian India (Penny Pax) and her best friend Dana (Maggie Green) are polar opposites. Dana loves to party and is very adventurous in the bedroom, while India is more reserved and enjoys a quiet, seemingly devout life. But when the friends reveal scandalous secrets to each other, India comes up with an idea that could either satisfy their sinful urges, or tear apart their friendship and families.

Whitney Wright directs this MissaX-written screenplay and the result is another solid outing for the young performer-turned-director. Anytime Penny Pax is part of the cast, the project is likely to be a hit as she is one of the best performers in the business, but I was struck by the overall appeal of Maggie Green whom I’d never seen before. I want to give credit to MissaX and Whitney Wright for casting such beautiful women in a significant role that refrained from fetishizing her size. Maggie’s character stands on equal ground with Penny’s in terms of significance and opportunity, and I look forward to the day when most studios take a similar approach.

The tale opens with India and Dana sharing wine and girl talk on a quiet evening. The audience learns that India is happily married to John (David Lord) and shares a nurturing, Christian-based relationship with her stepson Jake (Jake Adams). Meanwhile, Dana is divorced, but remains a strong influence in the life of her former stepson Chad (Chad White). Dana reveals to India that she and Chad have made a pact wherein she doesn’t sleep with anyone he doesn’t approve of, and he doesn’t date anyone she doesn’t like. In turn, India floors Dana by confessing that John likes to watch her fuck other men. This leads us to a flashback series of sex scenes. I love this because instead of forcing a sexual formula into the story, the sex is driven by the story. John catches India masturbating to porn, and he prompts her to continue while he watches. This sexy encounter (wow does Penny look great rubbing herself to a dripping orgasm) leads John to suggest India turn her fantasy of fucking a black man into a reality. I really loved the way this was done because Isiah Maxwell’s blackness isn’t stereotyped in any way. Dana is simply attracted to black men and I love the honesty explored by MissaX’s story here. She isn’t afraid to acknowledge that people can be attracted to certain physical traits without dehumanizing those groups who are the objects of affection. Penny’s scene with Isiah is great on multiple levels. It’s a slow burning, sensual scene, but the narrative commentary from Penny during the encounter feeds the story while building the excitement surrounding the sex. Plus, the anal is fantastic. The creampie finish is also unique in that Isiah sits still inside Penny’s pussy and just empties himself into her almost silently.

Returning to the present, India admits her initial feelings ...continued below

f total shame about the entire encounter, but then shares how she’s come to see the shame as a turn-on. This has allowed her to continue her debauchery not only for her husband’s kinky satisfaction, but also for her own pleasure. Feeling emboldened by her friend’s honesty, Dana confesses that she knows exactly how India feels in regards to shameful sex because she has her own scandalous story to tell. Another flashback scene shows Chad telling Dana that his dad is (and has always been), gay. That’s the reason he was always so distant and cold towards her, and that’s the true reason their marriage ended. It’s the same reason his father’s marriage to his mother ended. Crushed by this revelation, a vulnerable Dana finds herself wrapped in Chad’s strong arms seeking comfort, and before she knows it, they’re making passionate love to one another. Maggie Green plays this moment really well. The sense of despair she projects makes it easy for the audience to condone the taboo sex that follows. Also, Maggie Green has an amazing body. Her tits are incredible, her curves are voluptuous, and her ass is gorgeous.

Shocked by this sinful admission, India chastises her friend harshly and suggests that prayer is the best way she can make herself clean again in the eyes of God. Predictably, Dana balks at India’s hypocritical condemnation, but India surprisingly suggests an alternative way to help them both work through their unholy lust; a swap. India will set Jake up to fuck Dana and Dana will set Chad up to fuck India. Dana agrees, and India has a heartfelt conversation with Jake about striking a balance between lust and God’s commandments, opening his eyes to a different understanding of God’s word. He eventually relents and gives himself to Dana. I cannot overstate how good Maggie Green looks when she’s fucking. Her tits cascade over her torso like waves crashing on the shore, and her pussy swallows cock like a snake devouring a meal. This woman is a sexual gem.

The tale concludes with Dana offering India to Chad, who requires much less convincing than Jake. Penny Pax knocks this scene out of the park with her energy and ability to stay in character during the sex, while Chad White does some good character work of his own to compliment her. My goodness the side missionary on the couch is wonderful here and watching Chad spank Penny’s pale ass as he plows her is worth the price of admission. The dynamic of Dana sitting mere feet away from her stepson and her best friend as they fuck like rabbits adds an additional layer of hedonism to the encounter.

Once again, MissaX crafts a story that hooks the audience with its plot twists, and Whitney Wright assembles a cast that expertly brings that story to life. Penny Pax and Maggie Green are both fantastic not only as sexual performers, but as actors as well, and feature studios would do well to hire them both on a regular basis.

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