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Paternity Tested

Published: 6/7/2021

Paternity Tested

Two twisted tales — involving the main topic/theme of “fathers” — dynamically show off the slutty charms of Jill Kassidy, Kenzie Taylor and Carolina Sweets; with the Taylor/Sweets scenario, “The Daddy Interview,” being one of the most decadent, full-on-boner-inducing storylines of the year; way high points especially going to the incredibly alluring, nasty, vampish Ms. Taylor. And it’s all from the fine pervs over at Pure Taboo.

In the title story, “Paternity Tested,” sexy Jill Kassidy is questioning an older male “stranger,” played by Mr. Pete, whom she’s asked to come (in more ways than one) to (in!) her home and find out if he is, indeed, her father (her mother recently having died), with the two ultimately putting in one fiery suck-and-fuck-a-thon. The acting is pretty good, though the dialogue might have been shortened a bit (lasting 15 minutes before the penetration starts), although it does build the viewer’s anticipation of the nastiness which follows. You don’t wanna miss Jill’s saliva-enriched deepthroating of Pete’s pud. To add kink to the warped proceedings, she calls him “daddy” throughout their tryst. Kassidy is most memorable in the doggie and, especially, cowgirl positions, the latter wherein she really grinds her hips and bounces like a randy lust bunny. Interestingly, Kassidy looks like she could be Riley Reid’s sister (wow!), making her performance all the more arousing; the second round o’ doggie being even hornier than the first; Jill sticking out her fine fanny way, way up for Petey to pummel, which he most certainly does.

In, however, the best scene — and one of the best I’ve seen all year — the beautiful Kenzie Taylor (she could easily be a knockout mainstream actress) and the cute Carolina Sweets, play a strange stepmother and daughter, respectively, looking for a replacement of Sweets’ father, with scalding, raunchy results. On a dating site, they find a doctor, played by Tommy Gunn, and invite him to their home. After Gunn meets mom and daughter, Taylor whispers to him, “If you go along with (what I h ...continued below

ve in mind), I’ll make this the best time of your life.” Gunn seems like a fairly normal schmoe; but, hey, he’s also curious. Who wouldn’t be? The dinner scene with the three is tense, creepy, erotic, effective (all of the above!) thanks to weirdness successfully projected by Taylor and Sweets. The music is low-key but eerie. And Taylor looks simply outstanding in her gold-patterned mini-skirt. Umphhh!

Taylor magnificently orchestrates the decadence, with sensuality and danger; even her evil smirk is a turn-on. Both Taylor and Sweets, by the way, provide a good contrast with one another; Taylor being the gorgeous, curvy, tall MILF; Sweets playing the submissive little pixie. At the drop of a hat, Taylor can go from seductive slut to bossy bitch — and one mean fucking bitch. Big time! It’s a total turn-on viewing Sweets chow down on her stepmom’s pussy as Gunn guns Sweets during doggie, with the two ladies switching positions. Man, can Taylor eat pussy! And Sweets is one superior dick sucker! Love how Gunn and Sweets take turns eating stepmom’s cunt. Soon enough, Taylor sits on Tommy’s face, as Sweets rides his rod cowgirl style, with the lusty ladies sensuously kissing. I love the eye contact Taylor frequently makes with Gunn as she directs her stepdaughter to suck/fuck Tommy-tool throughout. Another high point is when Gunn fucks ‘em in tandem missionary style. “Can you feel his cock pulsating?” Taylor asks the groaning Sweets. “Remember I told you when cocks get ready to just fucking come all over, they pulsate. And the balls tighten, getting ready to explode that big load.” Watch Sweets’ tits undulate as Gunn bangs her on her back, before he squirts stud sauce onto her lips and fully extended tongue, with Taylor squeezing out every drop o’ man paste onto her stepdaughter’s tongue. Mama!

“The Daddy Interview” is definitely one of the most volcanic tales I’ve seen in 2020, thanks to the superb acting/awesome performance from devilish Kenzie Taylor; while Carolina Sweets and Jill Kassidy ain’t too shabby, neither. “Paternity Tested” is a truly twisted, torrid treat!

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