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Consumed by Desire

Published: 6/6/2021

Consumed by Desire

A collection of short stories from writers Jacky St. James and long-time collaborator Shawn Alff feature scenarios wherein couples must navigate situations of peak desire.

“Training Ritual” (Lacy Lennon and Ramon Nomar):

Sexually frustrated with the way her boxer husband constantly has to abstain when training for a fight, Lacy decides one afternoon that she just can’t handle it anymore and seduces him aggressively. This is a very simple story concept that is brought to life pretty well by Lacy and Ramon. He practically begs her for reprieve the entire time, and she mercilessly refuses his feeble attempts to resist her. She’s hungry, and her insatiable desire melts Ramon’s resolve like a candle under a flame. My oh my what a wonderful ass Lacy has! She looks pretty awesome in cowgirl and her stamina is impressive. I especially liked the way Ramon incorporated the toy while he was fucking and eating Lacy’s pussy. It’s nice to see toy play onscreen used eagerly by men with their women because it helps dispel the damaging stigma that women who like toy play incorporated with sex are somehow unsatisfied by their partner. Watch Lacy’s face when Ramon is licking her cunt while using the vibe on her clit; she just about explodes. Also, the missionary is amazing.

“Keeping It Casual” (Riley Reyes and Damon Dice):

Burned by her last boyfriend who cheated on her, Riley is determined to keep future partners at arm’s length. Eventually, her insecurities push them all away and she finds herself back in the dating pool. When Damon not only sticks around through all her dismissals, but also offers her the key to his every privacy, she’s floored. Free of the crushing emotional burden she’d been carrying, Riley realizes it’s possible to trust someone while still being insecure. This story is nicely played out by the performers. Riley is particularly believable during the emotional discussion that liberates her, and seeing her open herself emotionally is a very nice moment. Again, the incorporation of toys is wonderful, with Damon embracing Riley’s desire to use a vibrator. He asks her what she wants, responds to her direction, and leans in close to create an intimate, physical connection while he diddles her. This level of communication persists throughout the scene, creating a very intimate encounter.

“Intimate Stimulation” (Scarlit Scandal and Piper Cox):

After an emotionally intense breakup, Scarlit finds herself unable to orgasm. Having tried everything ...continued below

she can think of, she finally opts to see sex therapist Piper Cox on the recommendation of a friend. Piper explains the type of therapy she does, and when Scarlit is still interested, Piper starts their session with a sensual massage. Massage always carries a highly sexual connotation with it, and this story plays into that trope heavily, but with style. Great musical choice to accompany the scene, really awesome camera angle when Piper is kneading Scarlit’s ass (what an ass!) and good occupational language combine to create an experience steeped in realism. I thought it was very wise of St. James not to rush the preamble as that is one of the traps massage porn tends to fall into. Here, Cox really takes her time, legitimizing the therapy aspect of the fantasy. Once they get to the bedroom, it’s more of the same sensuality. Piper continues to coach Scarlit verbally, encouraging her to embrace the pleasure she’s feeling. The entire encounter feels like watching Scarlit slowly rediscover her sexual appetite. Also, Piper’s hip tattoo is fantastic.

“Look Into My Eyes” (Evelyn Claire and Seth Gamble):

There’s a bit of a misstep to open this scene because the music runs over Evelyn’s narration. It’s hard to hear what she’s saying which may break the immersion of the story for viewers. Evelyn plays an Instagram model who is doing a photo shoot with talented photographer Seth Gamble who is shy, but sexy. Intrigued by the idea of seducing him, Evelyn decides to give it her best shot, and poor Seth can’t resist her wily charm. The setting here is pretty nice with the stark white pillars and large, bay windows. I think complimented Evelyn’s slim, porcelain frame quite nicely. There’s just something about that woman that really works for me. I love the way Seth keeps his eyes locked on hers throughout, and Evelyn seems to just melt into him no matter the position they’re in. I think that level of projected intimacy is something that takes dedication to achieve not only on the part of the director, but also from the performers. It’s a really beautiful encounter to be quite honest.

Lacy Lennon and Ramon Nomar shine bright in this erotic collection of short stories, but I was most struck by the beautiful Scarlit Scandal. I’ve never seen her work before but she absolutely loves the camera and smolders sensuality. I definitely want to see more of her. The signature Bellesa style is present with a strong focus on the full bodies of the performers during the sex rather than the penetration, and I quite enjoy that.

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