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Our Love Stories: Taking the First Step

Published: 6/6/2021

Our Love Stories: Taking the First Step

Nervous about an upcoming date with a “well-endowed” guy (Isiah Maxwell), Demi Sutra looks to her friend Kira Noir for confidence and reassurance; this premise anchors Bree Mills’ newly unveiled series, “Our Love Stories.”

As I started watching this series, I noted immediately that the crux of the story was Demi’s hesitation at the idea of having sex with Isiah because he’s got a big dick and she’s worried she might not physically be able to handle it due to her small physical stature. That’s a legitimate concern some partners have, and the idea of a big-dick guy smashing a tiny girl is a well-known trope in porn that is especially prevalent when Black talent is involved.

Bree Mills doesn’t shy away from this trope, but she turns it into a compelling story that feels realistic to the fantasy and relevant to the real-world industry. There is no fetishization here, it’s just a woman, attracted to a man, worried that sex won’t be possible because their bodies may not be compatible. How refreshing to see the big-dick-Black-man trope handled with such respect. Thank you Bree.

This was a really well-executed episode. Demi is full of angst and anxiety and it comes through the screen in spades. This is the strongest character performance I’ve seen from her. Kira Noir also plays her supportive friend perfectly. She’s understanding and patient, but slightly frustrated as well. This is a very realistic position as oftentimes people who witness their presumably gorgeous friends struggling with confidence can feel astounded at their self-doubt.

When Dem ...continued below

i finally finds herself alone with Isiah, there’s a vulnerable moment where she reveals her worries to him, and he responds with the grace and empathy so many people are looking for in relationships. It’s romance on a personal level that goes beyond the surface level gift-giving and courting we see so often. Once the sex starts, the personal connection is made even stronger by the willingness of both parties to communicate with each other. There are so many moments where they check for consent and it completely dispels the notion that asking permission kills the mood during sex. Nothing could be further from the truth and this scene is a wonderful example of that.

This is especially evident when Maxwell finally slides himself inside Sutra. He’s so gentle with her and so aware of her body’s responses to his actions. His care and respect for her boundaries allows Sutra to open herself to her pleasure and the result is magical. The narrative twist comes at the conclusion of the episode when Isiah drops Demi off at her place. As he drives away and Demi goes inside, Noir walks up to the driveway (unseen by either lover), and stares fiercely after the departing Maxwell. Certainly, this story isn’t over…

I applaud Bree Mills for this project. This is the exact kind of treatment Black performers asked for over the summer, and it’s nice to see someone affiliated with a major studio listen and take action. Things like this give the marginalized communities faith that all the support over the summer wasn’t just lip service. The sex itself was also wonderfully played in the context of the story which is where feature porn shines.

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