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Perfect Chemistry

Published: 6/6/2021

Perfect Chemistry

Jacky St. James gathers a selection of performers to shoot the kind of sex they want with partners of their choice, which is what the Bellessa House brand of Bellessa Films focuses on. Scenes are also less professionally edited, less choreographed and more authentic. The performers are granted the space to enlighten the audience on what made them choose their partner and why the acts sex they’re engaging in is such a turn-on for them. You can also really tell how unscripted everything is as there’s no emphasis on opening to the camera or capturing penetration shots. The camera is just there to document the sex. It’s the type of content viewers used to be able to see on the BTS reels of movies.

Paige Owens and Kasey Warner:

The scene opens with director Jacky St. James noting how Paige and Kasey DMed her simultaneously about working together, which was a bit unprecedented. Paige notes the reason she wanted to shoot so badly with her was Kasey’s skill at handling a strap-on. On the other hand, Kasey lauds Paige’s willingness to just exist in the sexual moment and connect with her partner when she’s shooting rather than trying overly hard to perform for the camera. She also comments on how much she loves fucking with a strap-on and jokes that if she had a real dick, the world would be in trouble because she’d have too much power. Once the sex starts, the audience can see everything Paige and Kasey have said about each other is true. Paige is completely consumed by Kasey, and Kasey literally never stops fucking her. He rhythm and stamina are incredible, and Paige just keeps cumming on her cock. At one point Kasey stops to re-adjust her straps and get a drink of water while Paige keeps her pussy moist with lube. None of this is edited out because the goal is to show the audience the full sexual experience.

Avery Black and Oliver Davis:

Real-life couple Avery and Oliver explain how they met (a cute story), and share what they love so much about having sex with each other. It’s always interesting to see how porn couples approach sex in their personal lives, and this opening gives the audience a look inside that window. They also mention how long it’s been since they’ve seen each other, and note their nervousness at what might happen once they finally get their hands on each other again. The result is an explosive but passionate sex session. These two really enjoy each other, and Oliver is especially attentive to Avery’s body. It really feels like the entire encounter is about Avery’s pleasure, as Oliver reacts to her every physical response with care. He smiles at her throughout and she ...continued below

just seems to experience a barrage of mini-orgasms that keep her in the throes of ecstasy from start to finish.

Aaliyah Love and Nathan Bronson:

Aaliyah and Nathan both make mention of their weariness with shooting step-porn scenes which is a bit of a revelation considering the glut of step scenes on the market. They both describe some of the physical challenges of shooting porn (like fucking at 90 degree angles so the camera can see everything), and their relief at not having to do any of that for this scene. In a really heartwarming moment, Aaliyah reveals something very personal about her preferred kind of sex, and she suddenly becomes the cutest version of nervous you’ve ever seen. These two have a really good time together, with lots of smiling, laughing and talking. It’s almost like they’re old friends having coffee, except the coffee is sex. I can’t stress enough how endearing these two are. Everything is still really sexy, but it’s also just fun. Bronson does rail the hell out of here a few times for good measure, but overall this might be the most real sex I’ve ever seen adult performers engage in.

Lena Paul, Anny Aurora and Troy Francisco:

Lena recounts the story of seeing Troy at an industry party, and shooting content with him shortly thereafter. They both share how in sync they are sexually, specifically how much they enjoy pleasing other people. This fits perfectly with Anny, who shares the same sexual motivation. There’s also a very honest share between the three as Lena and Troy explain how they plan to handle their threesome with Anny, whom neither of them has ever met. Holy cow Lena and Troy undress Anny with ease, as if it’s something they’ve been doing for years together! One moment she’s fully clothed, the next she’s fully nude and Lena is all over her. There is a real intimacy between Troy and Anny during cowgirl as she holds herself steady over him while he pumps her to orgasm. I mean she seems almost frozen in ecstasy on top of him. It’s really something. Then Lena absolutely gets off as Troy fucks her from behind while Anny caresses her from underneath. Lena has such a great body. That supple ass and those surprisingly mammoth tits are a sight to behold.

I think fans will really enjoy this intimate look into unscripted sex featuring porn stars. It’s not something audiences get to witness often, but it’s something we all tend to wonder about regularly. Aaliyah Love and Nathan Bronson are the biggest surprise here as their scene feels the most comfortably authentic, but the way Lena Paul and Troy Richardson devour Anny Aurora holds its own special charm as well.

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