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A Terrible Secret

Published: 6/6/2021

A Terrible Secret

What I truly love about movies from Pure Taboo is that every day can be Halloween. Seriously. Their movies are creepy, having that marvelously spooky, twisted element in them. But, of course, Pure Taboo titles also have (hooray!) an intensely kinky, carnal component. Hey, it’s porn after all, right? And in “A Terrible Secret,” we get two delightfully strange, fully torrid tales, concerning (as the title clearly indicates) awful secrets better left in the dark. Forget about that! We go full steam ahead with plenty of eeriness and tons of choice sucking and fucking, care of blonde pixie Lexi Lore and (where has she been all my life?!) luscious gal Athena Faris in their respective stories, “Sins of the Father” and “Daughter Caught Stripping”.

In “Sins of the Father” Lexi Lore, going against her father’s wishes, investigates an occasional bumping sound coming from their home’s attic, discovering (on her own) a strange man (the effective Michael Vegas), who’s really more of an animal boy type, who ultimately bangs the hell out of an unsuspecting but grateful Lexi. After Lex brings Vegas downstairs to her bedroom, he wastes no time in manhandling her. Frightened at first, she drops her inhibitions soon enough. There’s some terrific deepthroat fucking, followed by boisterous banging via missionary (love Lex’s cute bouncing boobies), Lore’s fine, tight little ass shown off during doggie, twice even, with our girl literally crying with ecstasy. Dreamy-eyed Lex does take over, for a little while at least, during cowgirl, showing off that nice posterior, once again; with Vegas blowin’ his nut all over her curious, panting mouth, leading to a very satisfying fucked-up ending.

“Daughter Caught Stripping” has Derrick Pierce playing the stepfather of Athena Faris, whom I don’t remember seeing before but who I think is an absolute gem; her face has a marvelous retro look to it, with big, cosmetically shaded eyes, a cute little nose, reminding me of 70s porn starlets; her body being intensely juicy; and Athena’s scene with Pierce is particularly scorching. We first see Pierce and Faris arguing in the ...continued below

ir home, after he discovers that she’s working at a strip club. They argue. In turn, he threatens to tell her mother about her secret, making her pause … unless, that is, she makes him … “happy.” At first, the somewhat reticent Faris gives him a lap dance in the living room; both performers being totally believable.

“You’re not going to let this go unless I fuck you, huh?” she snaps at him. She’s got that right. “Fine,” she huffs, “then let’s make this quick.”

Though at first resentful, Faris soon gets way into the sex, making the scene even more molten than the previous sizzler with Lore. Our girl Faris is superb at deepthroating, making rude, nasty, wet gagging sounds and lubing that prick with plenty o’ spit, leading to a rammin’ face-fucking. She digs it when Pierce eats her snatch, moaning and yelping. Doggie is amazing with this equally amazing porn specimen with the tantalizing, tasty bod and superlatively slutty attitude. Athena’s ass is tight, round and (when properly pounded) jiggly; Faris’ body possessing just enough baby fat to make her absolutely priceless. Pierce knows how to pummel her, too. But Athena can expertly ride Derrick-dick, too, especially during reverse-cowgirl and cowgirl; her long frosted brown hair sexily waving all around as she gets more passionate during cowgirl. There’s loads of much-appreciated Faris eye contact during missionary, which might be the best position. “I’m just daddy’s little stripper,” she pants. “Are you gonna come for me, daddy?” “Yeah,” he grunts, “all over that fucking whore mouth.” “Please come all over my dirty little whore mouth,” she begs him. He does. It’s great. Love you, Athena!

Both of these Pure Taboo stories are weird, engrossing and (better still) arousing, especially Ms. Faris’ anecdote; a porn princess who seems to have somehow strangely shifted — unaltered in her youth and firm, delicious body — from one age (the Seventies) to another (the present time). She’s out of this world — in looks and lasciviousness. Definitely worth catching!

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