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Cuck My Life and Fuck My Wife 3

Published: 6/1/2021

Cuck My Life and Fuck My Wife 3

Several poor, cuckolded bastards have to torturously watch their slutty wives getting seriously fucked by male strangers in this continuing, entertaining, horny series from NSFW Films, with all of the ladies putting in dynamically decadent performances and Sofi Ryan especially delivering one helluva steamy inter-lewd. First up, tall and rangy Angelina Diamanti sucks and fucks the criminally minded character of Charles Dera in front of Diamanti’s blackmailed/tied-up/gagged/appalled on-screen husband, with Diamanti particularly looking good during bouncy reverse-cowgirl — where we get to appreciate her arousing moves on Dera-dick, while standing doggie is fairly memorable, too. And you’ll totally enjoy seeing Diamanti’s pretty face ultimately get drenched in Dera dick-paste.

In one of the movie’s best episodes, scrumptious brunette Sofi Ryan gets it on with her private, at-home dance instructor, played by Ramon Nomar, in front of her humiliated hubby, with every scene being hard-on-inducing — though I especially enjoyed Diamanti sucking deep, sloppy, loud on Nomar’s knob (see her eyes roll into the back of her skull), happily doing standing doggie (I love that Diamanti keeps on her black garter belts, which superbly highlight her fantastic fanny), pumping missionary (check out those succulent thighs and big, undulating, all-natural tits!), humping cowgirl (what a perfect posterior on Diamanti, with her tight anus looking right at us), and slammin’ doggie-proper (where raunchy Ryan gets properly pounded by Ramon-rod, her tits waggin’ all over the place).

Salacious Sofi also loves playing with Nomar’s jizz after he blows ball juice all over her pretty face and delicious boobs. Can’t get enough o’ that Diamanti! Vanna Bardot never disappoints either, and she’s just such a cutie to watch, whether dressed or undressed — with Bardot blowing and screwing her ‘boyfriend’ in front of her chubby, atrociously dressed (as in blindingly gaudy carnival-barker duds), blindfolded hubby (since ...continued below

he poor boob supposedly recently had eye surgery), who quite clearly hears all of their amorous antics taking place several feet in front of him upon a soon-to-be-drenched-in-sweat-and-sperm sofa. And unlike hubby, we (thankfully) get to fully witness this decadent duo in full carnal color.

Hell, I could watch Bardot for hours sucking cock; she’s that pretty. And she orally worships boner here for a good, long, nasty time. Spinner of spinners, Bardot is great in the missionary position as she gets jackhammered, as well as doggie, where she really gets powerfully jammed silly by her shameless beau. Check out, too, how she works her hips and pussy during cowgirl, with Bardot looking as if she’s sincerely getting off. Just like Sofi Ryan, Bardot’s absolutely another keeper!

Lastly, the sexy, punk-looking, and wiry Sidra Sage gets banged by her weight trainer, played by the returning Charles Dera, right there in the gym in front of her weak hubby (the same guy from the previous episode). Sage delivers the movie’s best deepthroating session, with lots of gagging, spit, and eye-bulging action (love her!), as hubby nerdishly watches and bizarrely munches down a hamburger (!) while Sage looks delicious during missionary, with her choice thighs and passionate screams. Sage rocks during cowgirl as she ecstatically bounces on boy-beef (Sage has a lusciously large but also tantalizingly tight butt); she looks outstanding with her own tallish spinner’s body during reverse-cowgirl; and she shines during standing doggie (with that same delicious derriere), during which she squirts all over the curious face of her poor disconnected husband, who is watching at this point from down below — after which, Dera busts nut-sauce all over that same hamburger, upon which Sage immediately, greedily feasts. Gnarly. Love it!

These wives rock the people’s cock; with thumbs-/dicks-up going to Sofi Ryan, Vanna Bardot, and (wanna see more of her!) Sidra Sage. Yep, this lucky third entry in NSFW’s cuckold-vignette series is both funny and filthy. Absolutely worth a look.

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