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Fixing for a Fuck 3

Published: 6/6/2021

Fixing for a Fuck 3

Wow! I didn’t realize how fuckable NicoletteShea was until I saw her in this entertaining Brazzers’ anthology, with Nicky doing her first-ever on-screen anal scene, that’s volcanic, to say the least; the other older-and-bolder lust bunnies included being just as killer, with six scenes (yes, six!) in all.

And we start with the one and only Shea magnificently losing her on-camera anal cherry. The build-up is great, as everything’s in black and white, except for Shea’s brilliant-red hair, with our girl playing some kind of early ‘30s Hollywood star; Markus Dupree being the lucky dickster to bang that booty. The old-time jazz music is also effective. Once Shea and Dupree are in a bedroom alone, we get full-out color; Dupree slowly sticking his prick into her very tight-looking anus during doggie, soon switching to missionary-pretzel-anal (she offers up many sweet gapes!), then spoon-anal (damn!). Marcus also gets Nicky to squirt during a repeat of mish-anal; followed by a few ever-quaint ATMs, including deepthroating and gagging; more doggie-anal, reverse-cowgirl-anal, a surfeit of other butt-fuck positions; with Marky blowin’ his load all over Shea’s nose and big head-givin’ lips. Sheesh! Now that is certainly one anal-fuckin’ that was well worth the wait, Nicky baby!

Next, the always-welcome Adriana Chechik teams up with J-Mac for another blazing episode of throat, twat and tukus screwing, with Chech playing a well-dressed street sex worker getting picked up by J-boy, who pays $500 to get “everything” from our outta-sight gal, including loads of anal ravagings, ATMs and balls-deep cock-choking. Choice stuff!

Madison Ivy is a tasty-looking MILF, here cooking up some Thanksgiving din-din for a very small get-together; Ivy sluttily banging the brains out of Johnny Sins behind the back of her boyfriend (who’s also Johnny’s father!) in the kitchen. “Stuff me like that fucking turkey!” she groans to Johnny. He does! The spirited session of co ...continued below

wgirl (you can hear Mad’s pussy clicking with moisture as Johnny log-jams it) is great; Ivy eventually sucking him off to explosion, the spunk goin’ all over her right eye and cheek. Yeah!

Aubrey Black is yet another delicious older babe, playing herself as she shops for a dildo in a porn shop, hornily servicing the dorky manager — the always entertaining Danny D — in the back room; Black delivering a loud, sloppy blowjob, then getting royally face-fucked; afterwards offering up some energetic doggie (“You’re not allowed to come until you’re told you can,” she snarls at Danny). I especially loved how she rides Danny boy during cowgirl, what with that truly meaty bottom (“Make me you’re fucking slut!” she hollers at him); then it’s slammin’ missionary on a bench (with a orgasmically screaming Aubrey!), before DD creams all over her pretty face and hangin’ hooters. Smokin’!

Big-assed, pretty Kelsi Monroe doesn’t disappoint in her scene, also playing herself and getting upset when an internet fan, Sean Lawless, calls her ass a “fake booty,” with our incensed porn star hooking up with the “sucker”/“troll” (her words) and nearly sucking/fucking him to death; including some doggie-anal that’s fanny-tastic (and, trust me, that’s definitely not a fake butt on Monroe!), some sizzling ATMs and plenty of other apocalyptic ass-fucking shenanigans; Sean uncontrollably ejecting cum all over Monroe’s quivering anus. “So fucking good,” she purrs. No kidding, baby.

And we end with petite, lush-assed, mammoth-mammaried, alluring, upbeat Alessandra Jane, also playing herself on a quiz TV show, with nervous, blindfolded fan boy Danny D having to identify a porn star (Jane) by answering three questions, at which point, if he’s successful, he gets to fuck her right there, live on the air. He doesn’t succeed, she does sucks-seed; best moments being Jane’s superb blowjob, standing doggie, as well as salacious spoon and plenty more gnarly bjs in-between. And what a copious load Danny splatters on chipper Alessandra’s pretty mug!

This awesome anthology is couples-friendly comical, while also being crazily carnal, featuring foxy ladies who adore to suck/fuck, especially Nicolette, Aubrey, Kelsi and Alessandra. Loads of bang fer your buck!

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