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Cuck My Life and Fuck My Wife 2

Published: 6/6/2021

Cuck My Life and Fuck My Wife 2

While watching these four mouthwatering cougars/MILFs getting stud-banged in front of the slutty ladies’ tortured husbands will in no way give you horns (like the poor slobs to whom these marvelous tramps are married), they’ll surely make you horny; all four foxes being great-looking and sincerely hungry for hose, particularly Athena Palomino and Becky Bandini.

David “Pussyman” Christopher plays a long-haired, wheelchair-bound grandpa married to much-young, beautiful blonde cougar Athena Palomino, with Pussyman’s physical therapist, played with great humor by Ramon Nomar, porking the ultra-babe right there in front of Pussyman, in one of the movie’s very best scenes. Christopher is, actually, pretty believable as the appalled older gent, while Athena is not only extremely pretty (Hollywood starlet looks), but sincerely enjoys her porn work; just check out how she uses her tongue to service Ramon’s raging rod. Love her big, pillowy butt, too. It’s hilarious how Ramon tries to still help Christopher as he’s getting his dick wet with awesome Athena, taking a break in mid-suck.

Doggie rocks, what with that meaty Palomino backside and her big boobies bouncing like wild, while the hussy likes getting spanked -- ditto for cowgirl! Athena rides Nomar on the sofa and that butt is truly outstanding. We also get to fully appreciate Palomino’s pretty puss and augmented boobs (with plenty of spring in ‘em) during some spirited missionary, leading to a sloppy (yes!) cum-bathing of awesome Athena’s tongue and tits. She’s fantastic!

Insatiable Kate Kennedy, playing a stripper, brings home some DJ named “Filthy” and sucks and fucks the lucky dude to the bone, despite her cuckolded spouses’ protestations, Kate calling him her “bitch-ass husband”. Nice. The DJ dude tries his damndest to humiliate the crying husband; with doggie being excellent, thanks to Kate’s fine ...continued below

, tight backside; Filthy gaping her delicious pink pussy for hubby while he even chokes Kate a bit. Missionary is deep, with carnal Kennedy taking the pretzel stance for maximum penetration; the resident DJ really squirtin’ her face up with spunk, leaving poor “bitch-ass” in tears.

Alix Lynx is a blonde, big-breasted MILF who gets it on with some computer repair guy named Jake (making a home visit) in front of her goofy-looking nerd husband (actually, Jake is kinda nerdy-looking himself, but Lynx wants revenge from her husband, after he’s messed up her laptop with viruses because of his watching free porn); Lynx choking on Jake’s joint; with cowgirl being the best position as Jake kneads her fine fanny like bread, ultimately leading to Alix sucking and stroking him to spurt, the cum blasting all over her hooters, with Lynx lickin’ up what she can. Nasty.

And we end with MILF Becky Bandini who, next to Athena, is my favorite slot in the lot here; way-juicy Bandini being superb in every position, while also sucking a mean cock; her cuckolded husband being very believable as he cries while playing video games as she and her lover, the perverted Charles Dera, get way down and dirty in front of the poor bastard. There’s also eerie music playing here and there while the two get it on, with Becky sucking cock without her hands for deep invasion of her gullet. And, whoa, check out how her ass cheeks fly during way-animated cowgirl. Becka knows how to crawl all over that prick! I also like how Dera makes Becka get her face way down as he doggie drills her. She’s a fox, alright. Watch those big tits swirl during spoon. We get a slammin’ repeat of doggie that’s even better than the first round, followed by hard missionary, with Becka moaning up a storm, and lovin’ the load that’s sprayed all over her thick lips and twirling tongue. Yeeow!

All of the slightly older women in this anecdotal porn — which is both humorous and horny — are excellent; but get this one especially for the bookending bawdy babes Athena Palomino and Becky Bandini!

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