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Hollywood Dreams

Published: 6/6/2021

Hollywood Dreams

Husband and wife Lucian (Jessy Jones) and Polly (Avi Love) are a couple who enjoy the thrill of hooking up with random strangers they meet online. For the most part, everything goes smoothly and all parties move on with their lives afterwards. However, when Avi stumbles upon famous actor Charles (Brad Newman) trolling for catches in the same naughty web circles she and Jessy frequent, her husband suggests she use the fortunate circumstance to turn their kinky hobby into the opportunity of a lifetime.

Ricky Greenwood directs this intriguing tale collaboratively written by studio creator Missa X and contributor Maddy Barton. Despite the short run time, Avi really fills the space with her presence and she doesn’t feel rushed or harried in any way, which is a testament to her acting ability. She’s able to make her character feel full and natural even without the luxury of time.

I also want to applaud Brad Newman, who turns in a very simple but believable performance of his own. He has an easy coolness about him that feels extremely natural, and it brings a strong element of believability to the story. Both performers do such a good job that the audience will find themselves thinking their arrangement is unorthodox yet comforting. The climactic twist is very well done as well, creating a nice bit of drama as the story closes. The tension builds to a satisfying crescendo in the final two minutes and is indicative of the writing skill Missa X and Barton possess.

Tin addition to the strong writing and acting performances, the sex is worth the price of admission. The opening blowjob is long and Avi really gets the chance to showcase her skills while also playing on the voyeur and online cam sh ...continued below

ow fantasy. Charles filming himself getting a superb knob polishing had a very strong vibe of a performer shooting a custom for a fan. I thought that was a very nice touch and a subtle way to make give the scene dual relevance (serving the plot while acting as a wink to the audience).

The second encounter (a raucous three-way), is a lot more energetic. Avi is quite slutty here, keeping her legs splayed wide, constantly looking to fill her mouth with whichever cock isn’t slamming her pussy, and when she gets a chance to ride Brad in cowgirl her hips take on a mind of their own! She exudes a wondrous joy throughout, which fits her character perfectly as she relays to Charles earlier in the film that she’s rather inexperienced sexually but eager to grow in that arena. If you can tear your eyes away from her gorgeous form during the sex and focus on her face, you can see her passion for such a lifestyle growing in real time. Also, what a massive load she receives at the end! If you’re into facials, you will definitely want to stick around for the carnal conclusion.

This is a solid flick from the folks at Missa X. Brad Newman is good, and he and Jessy play their sexual roles perfectly. I also thought Jessy Jones did a good job elevating the tension when his character was introduced, and that elevation had a satisfying impact on the story itself. However, it is Avi Love who really holds this short film together. The former XBIZ Best Actress winner showcases her impressive skills once again as she effectively runs the gamut of shy, inquisitive and manipulative vixen all in the space of about an hour. She’s never over the top, but she still manages to feel like the center of attention whenever she’s onscreen.

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