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J&M Airlines

Published: 6/6/2021

J&M Airlines

Follow the sexy misadventures of this feisty flight crew as they prepare for a long overnight trip. From the playboy captain with the rugged good looks who always finds his way into the panties of his stewardesses, to the young co-pilot looking to impress his captain, to the randy passengers eager to engage in some mile-high debauchery, “J&M Airlines” always strives to provide the most satisfying experience for its passengers and employees!

Luka and Ludovic Dekan are back with another feature for the high-end French porn studio Jacquie et Michel ELITE. This time they tackle the familiar trope of sex in the sky as they present their own take on the popular fantasy. The Dekans are quite good at presenting feature stories, and they have an eye for capturing stunning visuals to support them. There are some really great exterior aircraft shots in this film which are accompanied by some nicely authentic-looking interior shots. It really makes the fantasy feel more palatable.

The cast is also quite good, with the always reliable Vince Karter doing a nice job of holding the entire story together. This was a bit unexpected as most of the time we see the female talent in this position, but for this story’s purposes, it made complete sense that the captain would drive the action. I thought the up-and-coming Megane Lopez was also quite good, but I was most smitten by Naomie Miou who really knocked her scene out of the park.

The film opens with Karter’s crew transferring to their final flight of the day, an overnight red-eye. Before the crew even makes it to the plane, Karter pulls Naomie into an unoccupied security checkpoint for some fun sexy time. This was a great way to open the film not only because Naomie is smoking hot, but also because the authentic airport terminal setting really sets the aesthetic tone for the whole movie. Watching Naomie get railed across the conveyor belt of the scanning machine immediately transports the audience to an actual airport. Major props to Karter and Miou for fucking on those rollers without slipping right off the platform. Naomie especially deserves credit for being able to ride Karter in reverse cowgirl in those stiletto heels while balancing directly on those rollers.

As quickly as their fun starts, the captain and his fuckbunny have to wrap things up and prepare for boarding. We’re introduced to passengers Megane Lopez, Eddy and Anto Toto. Megane seems a bit nervous about flying, and while she does find some comfort in the easy conversation she strikes up with Eddy, she decides a few drinks might help her relax as well. Toto seems rather smitten with Lopez, but he’s shy and can’t find his way into the conversation. Meanwhile, Captain Karter meets his young co-pilot (Max Jacobs) and after securing th ...continued below

he passengers, the flight is off. Famous soccer player (and V.I.P. passenger) Joel Thomas requests a private meeting, and the captain is more than happy to oblige, leaving the piloting duties to the inexperienced Jacobs. With champagne in hand and sexy stewardess Jessica Lys on his arm, Captain Karter heads to the first class cabin to show Mr. Thomas a good time. I thought the lighting here was pretty good. The entire room is completely dark minus the subtle purple hue emanating from above and the main light illuminating the performers. It draws the audience’s eye to the sexual action while simultaneously creating the impression of a fancy and very private cabin. It’s a very believable presentation. The highlight here is definitely Jessica getting her asshole fingered and fucked by both studs. They give her a right proper pounding and she moans like a nasty slut throughout. It’s dirty and hot.

Back in the cockpit, the captain decides it’s time for his young co-pilot to learn what J&M Airlines is all about. He sends him to check the rear cabin, then calls Jessica and Candice Jacobs and instructs them to show the young man a good time. When Max finds the two lusty ladies half naked in the rear cabin area, he chastises them for being out of uniform and not tending to the passengers. However, his professionalism is no match for their sexual advances, and Max soon finds himself succumbing to their feminine wiles. The ladies take turns riding him, both managing to look pretty fantastic doing so. I loved the fact that Candice took her panties off while Jessica kept hers on. That was a nice contrast that really enhanced the arousal factor. Candice caps off the action by letting Max pierce her asshole, and it’s a shame that the positioning obscured much of the action.

As the flight drags late into the evening, all the passengers fall asleep except Megane, Anto and Eddy. With her inhibitions lowered thanks to the sauce, Megane decides to put the moves on her seat partners. This scene was really nicely done and a lot of it had to do with the warm, orange lighting. The entire sequence feels like nighttime on a plane and even has a bit of a dream-like feel to it which enhances the fantasy. Megane takes turns with both guys, and really manages to get nicely stuffed despite the limited space. The climax of the film offers a fun but unexpected twist.

Airline sex is a popular fantasy trope and the Dekans do it justice here. If you’re going to check this film out, be aware that it is presented in French, as Jacquie et Michele ELITE is a French studio. The story is easy enough to follow despite the language barrier, and the ladies are certainly worth watching regardless. The set pieces are fantastic as is the cinematography and it all works together to create a very enjoyable experience.

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