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Nympho.com Vol. 17

Published: 6/6/2021

Nympho.com Vol. 17

Talk about an inspiring array of boobs (especially the choice chi-chis on Skylar Vox and Gabbie Carter) and booties (the delicious derrieres attached to Kenzie Madison and Aidra Fox), as four fresh, foxy and fertile femmes get their mouths and muffs hammered silly.

Kenzie Madison, for one, has a crazily meaty booty, while she also flaunts one magical smile, looking like she could’ve easily guest-starred as a fetching 18-year-old high school student on the original Brady Bunch TV series; and check out the filthy bj she gives Mike Adriano, going all the way to the “back of (her) throat” (her words), with Mikey soon hammerin’ hose down/up her succulent snatch via sundry potent positions. Doggie with Kenz is ridiculously ram-bunctious, especially when it’s a delectably “oiled ass” (her words again); Kenz jiggling that world wonder of a butt during cowgirl, too. “Use that hole,” she purrs to Mikey. And we get a marvy repeat of cowgirl action (vibrating butt cakes and all) during reverse-cowgirl that’s shot from Mikey’s perv-spective that’s even more hypnotic than before; Kenz eventually rushing around, getting on her knees and opening up that wiiiiiiiiide mouth for a meal o’ man-paste. Baby!

Aidra Fox is a stone-cold beauty with quite the booty; lucky Logan Long labia-blasting her nether-lips with raging Logan-log at poolside; Fox’s own deepthroat being incredible, since she’s just so damn pretty (lots of marvelous eye contact and unearthly gurgling, gagging noises and oodles of saliva; a movie highlight, shot at one point from below, with the spit getting all over the camera); while cowgirl with that oiled-up Aidra ass is phenomenal, as it wildly wiggles; her healthy thighs being a similar delight to observe during missionary as Logan lays major pipe into Foxy’s twat, and doggie with this vivacious vixen is brilliant, Loag sticking a finger up her winking anus and feeding her the same probing finger. And, yes, Aidra is still as gorgeous as ever.

I’ve always adored Skylar Vox — and that includes her cute face, huge, slopp ...continued below

y (all-natch!) boobs, fine-ass booty (that redundant?), and one hellaciously/perkily slutty attitude towards cock; the returning Loag offering up his loaf for some volcanic Nympho.com action. I even love her name: Skylar Vox. Sleek porn sci-fi. I also dig viewin’ Sky spewin’ tons of spit, nastily cascading onto her massive mammaries during some spirited sword-swallowing, the natural lube priming her breasts for some perverted titty-fucking. She even eats (whoa!) Logan-ass. And when we finally get to some downhome pussy penetration, doggie is superlative, what with that juicy, in-yer-face buttocks; while reverse-cowgirl lets us enjoy Sky’s awards-worthy undulating headlights; additionally, we get some incredible squatting action with Vox-butt during cowgirl that’s simply off-the-scale, as well as more tit-swingin’ fun during standing doggie (arousingly shot from below), leading to a cum coating of Sky’s chin, and (man!) she swallows the sperm so fast, even Mikey is taken aback. Good girl!

And speaking of bodacious boobies, Gabbie Carter (another cutie you’d expect to see on the X-Edition of Brady Bunch) is quite the big-titted treasure herself; Mikey shrewdly saving this babe-a-roo for himself as he powerfully pummels her pussy. Love how Gab’s eyes disappear when her pussy’s eaten, while those same eyes turn deep red during a balls-deep dick-inhaling of Mikey’s meat-puppet. And, like the courageous Skylar, Gab-baby eats Mikey’s ass (phew!); our girl really shining during reverse-cowgirl, shot as cowgirl, with her greased-up ass cakes bouncing on penis as Adriano has a thumb up her bum, her titanic tits ploppin’ everywhere; ditto for regular cowgirl, during which time Adriano blows bazooka batter inside Gab’s velvety vadge, the cum drip-drip-dripping outta her sweet slit (along with some squirt!); carnal Carter scooping up whatever jizz she can and dreamily eating the stuff. Umphhh!

Each of these four young nymphos totally rocks, with thumbs-up going to major fuck-princesses Aidra Fox and Skylar Vox; while Kenzie Madison and Gabbie Carter are horny joys to behold getting banged, too.

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