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Spit on It

Published: 6/6/2021

Spit on It

Tattooed gals get torpedoed by tube steak in this scintillating skin flick from Burning Angel.

With a bit more storyline than the other sequences, our first scene has Joanna Angel as a nut-job dying to fuck her dead sister’s husband, well-played with just enough suspiciousness by Will Havoc, with some nasty moments unfolding, indeed. For one, Angie-baby delivers one well-practiced deepthroat, with balls-deep action and lotsa spit. After reverse-cowgirl, we get missionary, spoon, cowgirl and (finally!) doggie; the latter position being rather exquisite since Jo-Jo’s butt is, in itself, quite delectable.

“I can feel your fucking cock stretching my pussy open!” she filthily grunts. Missionary, with some choking, is grand in that there’s great eye contact from Angie, before Will spills swill all over Angel’s voluminous, semenly bottomless gullet; our well-inked filth queen gluttonously gulps down the sperm as if it were fresh Vermont maple syrup.

Ramon Nomar is amusing as he cavalierly practices script lines (with some off-camera dude) at a home somewhere in the Valley, while waiting for Joanna to get her makeup done, before she finally appears and we’re rapidly treated to some off-the-ground missionary, Ramon hornily pumping her in mid-air; then some choice deepthroating a la Jo-Jo; followed by off-the-ground reverse-cowgirl; on-a-porn-sofa reverse-cowgirl; good ol’ cowgirl; more reverse-cowgirl; spoon (nice tit jiggling action from Angie here), and (finally!) doggie, with Angel’s whorish makeup making it all work brilliantly, before the Ram man releases rod-juice all over several tats on Jo-Jo’s fully illustrated back.

DVD cover girl Rina Ellis is a beauty, here taking on Xande ...continued below

er Corvus, in a straight-up gonzo scene, with doggie (great tits on Reen, i.e., all-natural, not too big and just spectacular); love how her eyes go into the back of her skull as Xander ham-slams her good. A smokin’ brunette, Reen-baby also likes getting spanked. Jackhammer missionary is marvy; while with cowgirl we see that Reen most assuredly knows how to ride a raging hard-on. Some superb throat-gagging follows; then we get more doggie and missionary (the latter with superb eye contact, as Reen has such alluring eyes); more doggie (that’s three times!), leading to a creampie into our girl’s elegantly-shaped pussy.

Lastly, bespectacled, mohawked, heavily inked Tank — along with her hangin’ hooters and hefty (a good thing!) butt — takes on some dude named Gage Sin; leading to some outstanding deepthroating, maybe the best in the movie, the purple-framed glasses on Tank making it all the more unique; after which there’s crankin’ missionary (on a bed, no less; Tank tits tastily twirling!), more deepthroating; hair-pulling and spanking during drillin’ doggie (Tank’s butt cheeks are pretty-pink soon enough), and (yes!) spoon-anal that’s totally hammering (with Tank moaning like she’s in some kinda heaven). “Yeah! Fuck my asshole!” she chimes. “I love your dick in my asshole!” Sweet. There there’s cowgirl vadge, with those full ass cheeks just billowing, including some great squattin’ action; reverse-cowgirl-anal, with Tank’s meaty thighs nearly murdering Gage; more doggie vadge with fine cheek-jiggling action; and Gage blasting man-paste all over Tank-titties. Energetic!

This part-gonzo, part-anthology entry is a solid one, indeed, with all three tattooed ladies shining!

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