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Seen Not Heard

Published: 6/6/2021

Seen Not Heard

Here are two disturbingly decadent stories fully projecting the intense on-screen sensuality and lustfulness of female performers Alexis Fawx and Bobbi Dylan, as well as Lily Rader, with Alexis Fawx, in particular, impressively displaying her chops as an entertainer.

In one of the most interesting stories put out by Pure Taboo, “Seen Not Heard” has MILF Alexis Fawx portraying a disturbed patient in a mental health facility who’s seemingly possessed by a lingering depraved ghost, in the form of delicious younger spinner Bobbi Dylan. The two ladies get into a heated tryst with a very lucky, obviously horny orderly, played by Seth Gamble. We quickly learn, however, that while Fawx sees the specter-like Dylan, Gamble in no way does — nor is Gamble even participating in the threesome, which is all tumultuously unfolding in Fawx’s skewed imagination; all made quite clear thanks to some clever editing.

Sexually-speaking, the best moments in this episode are absolutely doggie with the voluptuous Fawx; some major deepthroating from her; both ladies stacked up with their rears aimed toward Gamble as they’re doggie-stuffed in tandem; the taut and tasty Dylan vigorously riding Gamble; and Dylan using her greedy mouth to taste Alexis’ pussy on Seth-sword, as it sometimes exits that well-pounded Fawx hole during missionary.

The ending here contains an excellent twist, while it’s interesting how the existence of the “ghost” or supposed figment of Fawx’s imagination is, indeed, questionable, seeing as how we view Dylan in a chair sardonically grinning at the facility’s potentially depraved director (Eric Masterson in a non-sexual role) well after Fawx’s character has left the same room. Hmmm…

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Next up, “Over Her Head” has the incredibly curvy, juicy (small-boobed but succulent-assed) Lily Rader, excited that she’s finally hooking up with a mystery “older” man with whom she’s been communicating on the internet and with whom — as she excitedly tells her girlfriend on the phone as Lily drives to the guy’s place — she wants to lose her virginity, being a headstrong “I can do what I want since I’m an 18-year-old” high school student; the results being highly arousing if shockingly realistic.

The guy she meets, the tattooed and tough Dean Van Damme, is ultimately shown as coarse and selfish, dispensing with any kind of romantic preamble, going straight for the jugular; with Rader showing what a terrific actress she is, as she’s both nervous but also tries her best to hide her immaturity, knowing soon enough that (as the story’s title implies) she might have bitten off more than she can chew in this questionable situation; while she’s also superb as the virgin getting ploughed for the first time, frequently groaning with pain and pleasure; Rader looking amazing in both doggie and cowgirl positions with her exceptionally round, cushy, but still-firm booty. So delectable! She also gives a good, deep cocksucking for a supposed novice, which is still believable, seeing as Van Damme is rather forceful.

All in all, throughout “Seen Not Heard,” Fawx, Dylan and Rader show what marvelously fuckworthy specimens they are, while also displaying their acting talents in this brace of engaging tales; Fawx especially showing off finely honed thespian qualities, while never failing to burn the scenery with her nuclear bedside shenanigans. Definitely a good title for both curious couples and hardcore viewers.

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