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Les Fauves

Published: 6/6/2021

Les Fauves

Known in the criminal underworld as “Le Fauve,” the notorious mobster Cesar (Lorenzo Viota) and his seedy gang terrorizes the French city of Marseille. Led by his henchmen La Rafale (Anto Toto) and La Poutre (Joss Lescaf), Le Fauve’s gang affords him the lavish lifestyle of a disgustingly rich criminal boss. The only thorn in Cesar’s side is the relentless police commissioner Bonnel (James Klein) who will stop at nothing to see the bold thug brought to justice. Le Fauve has been able to stay one step ahead of Bonnel for years, but now a rumored mole in his organization could finally deliver him into the law’s justice.

Chris Demer and Catalya are at it again, this time collaborating on a sordid tale of criminal cat and mouse. This is a well-executed story that shines as a film as well. There are some spectacular shots throughout (the helicopter sequence at the end is great) and the cast is pretty top notch.

The story opens with Le Fauve enjoying a sunny afternoon on his yacht cruising the bay while Bonnel’s officers spy on him. Well aware of their presence, Le Fauve is unfazed by their surveillance and doesn’t even bother to go below deck when Christina Shine saunters up to him half-dressed with a glass of champagne. Stirred by her good looks (and accustomed to having his way with women), Le Fauve settles in for some lascivious lovemaking while waving to the police watchdogs. Christina offers no resistance or hesitation to Cesar’s advances as he pulls his cock out and obediently swallows him. Her response to him really fits the narrative of the powerful gangster who has women just waiting to satisfy their every demand and desire on a whim. There is some pretty great stuff here, particularly the setting which is downright gorgeous. I mean, these people are legitimately fucking on a boat that is trolling around a bay! Christina offers Le Fauve her asshole which he plows vigorously, and he rewards her with a mouthful of spunk.

Le Fauve’s disdain for the threat of police surveillance is evident in his henchman as well. While he bangs Christina at the bow of the yacht, La Rafale has a similar encounter with Emma Klein at the vessel’s stern. Again, the setting is amazing, with the rolling waves creating a soothing rocking motion as Anto pounds Klein’s pussy mercilessly. The sunlight glinting off her body is beautifully captured, and it gives their sexual encounter a distinctly exotic feel.

Later, Le Fauve gives La Poutre an assignment to boost a car, which Poutre executes flawlessly with the help of Lucy Heart. When the duo delivers the stolen vehicle to the designated garage, they decide to celebrate another job completed without a hitch by fucking each other’s brains out. Lescaf really gives it to Lucy here, slammi ...continued below

ing his massive dick straight up her asshole with some serious intensity. For her part, the deeper Lescaf gets into her ass, the harder Lucy impales herself onto his meat. There’s a serious slut factor here as Lucy revels in the sensation of having Joss stuff her.

Back at Le Fauve’s villa, the mob boss lounges in his pool alongside his most trusted assassin (Polly Pons) as he waits for his lieutenant to deliver the payoff from his latest assignment. La Poutre arrives right on time with the cash, and Le Fauve rewards him with a go at Pons’s holes in a nasty threesome. Polly is really into this entire encounter, almost squealing with pleasure and laughter every time her pussy is penetrated. When she gets DP’d, the look on her face is one of complete bliss as she offers her holes to the piston-like poundings of Lescaf and Viota. Unbeknownst to everyone involved, commissioner Bonnel’s men capture the entire exchange on camera. Coupled with a phone tip from La Rafale, who is frustrated with the way La Fauve treats him, Bonnel finally has the evidence he needs to bring Cesar down.

Meanwhile, La Rafale finds himself alone with the delectable Mya Lorenn needing to blow off some steam. Fully aware of what’s expected from the women in Le Fauve’s service, Mya offers the use of her body as a stress reliever for La Rafale and he takes full advantage. This scene is very aggressive, with Toto ramming Lorenn vigorously and without much pause. I mean, he really gets her tits flopping and her hair swinging as he fucks her like a battering ram. When he takes her sweet asshole, he’s just as intense as when he fucks her pussy, and Mya is just as pleased.

Bonnel’s men execute their raid of Cesar’s compound, and within moment’s they’ve rounded up all the major players except Le Fauve himself. Tasking his men to search the villa, Bonnel takes Emma Klein to one of the bedrooms to reward himself for finally bringing down the notorious gangster. This is another intense scene, with James Klein fucking Emma Klein like his life depends on it. Everything here is hard, fast and full of vigor. I especially enjoyed the anal spoon. Unfortunately for Bonnel, Le Fauve gets the drop on him and despite the arrest of his men, the crime lord manages to escape with Emma in his private helicopter, leaving the commissioner foiled once again.

This is good work once again from Chris Demer and Catalya. This story is nicely put together and the cast is really great. These are some gorgeous ladies in this movie with Emma Klein and Mya Lorenn standing out due to their elegance while Polly Pons and her lustful demeanor bring some serious heat to the party. The locations are downright stunning and feature studios in Europe should be following the example being set by Jacquie et Michel.

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