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I Can't Help It Vol. 2

Published: 6/6/2021

I Can't Help It Vol. 2

Jacky St. James directs four erotic stories exploring the idea of couples who can’t resist the magnetic sexual pull of their partners for one reason or another.

“Conflict of Interest” (Laney Grey and Chad White):

Med student Laney Grey notices the impressively chiseled Chad White moving boxes into an apartment within her complex and is instantly taken by his presence in spite of herself. When he takes a load off in front of her place, she decides to shoot her shot, changing into something a bit more alluring and letting her hair down. Chad clearly has a bum shoulder, which presents Laney with the perfect excuse to approach him.

I thought this was a nice setup (especially the way Laney played up the idea that Chad was so sexy she could barely contain herself around him), but I wish she’d been a little louder, because their conversation establishes the thematic premise of the sex and I missed a good portion of it because Laney’s dialogue was too quiet. Still, audiences will get the idea and there’s certainly no audio issue with the sex.

Laney is very pretty and she’s wonderfully curvy. Her natural boobs look awesome flopping under the impact of Chad’s vigorous thrusts. Chad is also quite the looker with his wide chest and sculpted arms and together these two look fabulous. I also appreciated very much the emphasis on kissing and fondling as the scene opened because it helps build the idea that both parties simply can’t help themselves.

“Fuck It” (Jada Kai and Damon Dice):

After a date that lasts through the night and into the next morning, Damon and Jada arrive at her place fully enveloped in the throes of passion. Damon is desperate to come inside and cap off their date with sex, but Jada is equally desperate not to take things too quickly. But after a ton of lustful kissing and heavy petting at her door, Jada throws caution to the wind and invites Damon in.

This sex turns into a steamy shower scene which is fitting since Jada mentions she’s got to shower and get ready for work, and wow is it the stuff of trashy romance novels (in a good way)! The water cascading down the bodies of the two lovers is an exquisite visual and the sequence where Jada rides Damon on the shower bench is peak romantic fantasy. The piledriver was also impressive and the loving embrace at the conclusion was the perfect ending. This scene is really nice.

“You Owe Me” (Kyler Quinn and Nathan Bronson):

Downtrodden Kyler Quinn still hasn’t quite gotten over the heartache of her cheating ex-boyfrie ...continued below

d Nathan Bronson. As he’s on his way to her place to get the last of his things, her friend Aila calls to give her some encouragement and remind her not to sleep with him. Kyler promises she’ll try her best not to, even though she’s been celibate since the breakup. When Bronson arrives, there’s a clear tension between the former lovers. Nathan is hesitant and meek, clearly hoping to garner some level of warmth from his former partner while Kyler is cold and sharp. However, when Nathan resigns himself to his fate and moves to leave, Kyler surprisingly grabs him and kisses him.

She makes it clear that what’s about to happen doesn’t mean they’re getting back together, but is rather a parting shot at Bronson to remind him of what he gave up by cheating. This is a nice take on the grudge fuck idea and the performers play it perfectly. Kyler is in control from the start, and her whole aura seems to be a giant vindictive sneer aimed right at Nathan who is clearly just along for the ride. Note the way Kyler rarely takes her eyes off Nathan’s, almost as if she’s basking in his growing despair at losing her. The way she rolls her eyes when he finishes all over her pussy is a stark contrast to his gleeful grin, and that grin turns to ash immediately when she dismisses him callously. Well played.

“You Could Model” (Aila Donovan and Quinton James):

There’s not much time between the preamble and the action here. Quinton drops Aila off after a modeling gig, and she mentions to him that he should try his hand at it considering how hot he is. Quinton is bashful and thankful and somewhat overwhelmed, and Aila pounces on him like a tiger on a hunt. We go from coy banter in the entryway to Aila shoving Quinton into her bedroom lair for an afternoon fuck fest. Holy cow that missionary! I’ve never seen that position pulled off like that before and my word is it fantastic! You’ll know exactly what I’m talking about when you see it and that short moment alone is top-tier smut. But it’s not just that moment, the lay-down doggie is extremely erotic and sensual. This is the best scene in the movie hands down, in my view.

While the stories presented here are legitimately good, this film really soars on the strength of its visual presentation of the sex. The scenes just look so appealing and they scratch that romantic itch we all harbor somewhere in our psyche. The shower scene is a peak example of this, but honestly every pairing benefits from the outstanding captures by cameramen David Lord and Ralph Parfait. Great work by those two in elevating this project.

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