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Student Teacher Relations

Published: 6/6/2021

Student Teacher Relations

Jacky St. James presents a small collection of standalone tales that explore the taboo sexual dynamic that sometimes exists between teacher and student … with a lesbian focus.

“In the Professor’s Office” (Emma Hix and Silvia Saige):

Entitled money princess Emma Hix is in her professor’s office because she’s been caught cheating. Completely uninterested in the consequences or her instructor’s admonishment, Emma pushes the boundaries of respect for authority by brazenly challenging Silvia’s every word, knowing full well the weight of her parents’ money will get her out of any jam. When a frustrated Silvia mentions that Emma needs a spanking, Emma takes the hint and hikes her skirt up, daring Silvia to do it herself.

This of course, leads to an aggressive sex session between the meek Saige and the fiery Hix. I think Silvia Saige is just so pretty and I love watching her kiss. Not just mouth kisses either, I love watching her kiss everything. There’s just something mesmerizing about watching her lips and tongue go to work on the flesh of others. I also love the way she feels on the verge of shattering under Emma’s expert fingers manipulating her pussy. The best moment in the scene is watching Hix rim Saige from behind while wrapping her arms around her body. Holy hot!

“Women’s Studies” (London River and Lily Glee):

Lily is a shy Teacher’s Aid working with Professor London River in a women’s studies course. As River grades papers, Lily collates tests while stealing longing glances at her teacher. When River notices Lily’s distracted demeanor, she assumes the young girl wants to be done so she can go spend time with her boyfriend. But when she suggests Lily head home early, the curious girl instead confides that she’s been curious about women and reveals her suspicions that professor River is gay. London suggests Lily experiment if she’s unsure, and with a little convincing on the eager student’s part, professor River becomes the test subject in Lily’s experiment.

There is absolutely an exploratory feel to this scene. London is very patient and the more London touches her, the more Lily seems to literally melt into her own pleasure. I also love how Lily kept looking up at London when she went down on her, as if seeking approval and guidance. It’s exactly how this fantasy plays out in the minds of many. The dual masturbation at the end is a perfect way to cap off the scene.

“Professor of Therapy … and Bad Choices” (Aaliyah Love and Paisley Porter):

Aaliyah Love finds herself in a conundrum with infat ...continued below

uated student Paisley Porter. Having made the mistake of sleeping with her in the past, Love has been looking for a way to break things off for a while. Finally mustering up the courage, Love sits Porter down and reminds her of all the reasons they can no longer carry on their scandalous affair: Aaliyah is married, teacher relationships with students are unprofessional and their entire affair is wrong.

Unfortunately, the bubbly and determined Paisley simply refuses to let things end, and within moments, her charm breaks down Aaliyah’s flimsy moral walls. I love the way Aaliyah laid back at one point and just let Paisley finger her to sexual abandon. I think lesbian porn could do with a bit more of this as it can be such a pleasurable act. The 69 and scissors both look good as well, and I really like the fact that the camera panned out so far as the scene climaxed because it allows the viewer to behold the full bodies of both these strikingly similar-looking ladies.

“High Drama in the Drama Department” (Ryan Keely and Charlotte Sins):

Drama teacher Ryan Keely and her student Charlotte Sins steal into a prop closet and barely have the door shut before they’re all over each other. Ryan attempts to squelch the flames of passion through sound reason (like pointing out the fact that she’ll be fired if she’s caught fucking a student), but when Charlotte calls her bluff and moves to leave, Ryan stops her. Ultimately, she decides Charlotte, with whom she’s been flirting all year, is worth the risk and the two sudden lovers take the plunge. I’ll just say it; Ryan Keely is an actual pot of sexual energy. Every moan that escapes her lips, every flick of her tongue, every caress of her hand, they all carry a palpable sexual intensity.

Pairing her with the gorgeous Charlotte Sins was a perfect choice, and the added drama of possibly getting caught heightens the sex even further. Holy smokes watching Ryan finger Charlotte to pieces while holding her mouth shut with her other hand is incredible. This is the prettiest and horniest scene in the movie easy, with lots of subtle taboo play (like Ryan gagging herself on Charlotte’s foot while fingering her while Charlotte gags herself on her own panties … yes you read that right and you absolutely want to see it)!

This movie has some great sex in it and it’s captured wonderfully by Mike Quasar and Lex Caliber does a very good job editing the footage together to create an erotic fantasy. Every scene drips sex and carries the sensual nature that is often associated with lesbian porn. Ryan Keely and Charlotte Sins steal the show with their finale, but every scene literally has something for everyone.

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