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Lesbian Game Time, Vol. 2

Published: 6/1/2021

Lesbian Game Time, Vol. 2

This collection of scenes hails from Sweetheart Video’s “Lesbian Truth or Dare” series.

Asa Akira and Taylor Vixen:

From the Dana Vespoli-directed film “Lesbian Truth or Dare, Vol. 8,” the introductory scene of this collection features Asa Akira and Taylor Vixen. The entire opening sequence of the feature film is here, which allows the viewer to connect with Akira and Vixen’s characters while sufficiently whetting their appetite to experience the interactions of the remaining cast members. There’s no game theme in this scene; instead, it’s filled with relationship tension. Vixen seems like she can’t get enough of Akira’s sex no matter how much pleasure she’s experiencing. It’s like she’s sexually starving. For her part, Akira is only too happy to feed the young minx, bringing her to the pinnacle of ecstasy multiple times with her tongue, fingers and pussy. Nowhere is this more evident than when Vixen settles her dripping pussy onto Akira’s face. Holy smokes, what a ride!

Dani Daniels and Kara Price:

The collection’s second scene comes from director Nica Noelle’s “Lesbian Truth or Dare, Vol. 7.” Here, Kara Price is forced to recount a story from her past during a game of truth or dare with her friends. The story involves the night she and her best friend (at the time) Dani Daniels crossed the line from friendship to something more than friends. The first-time lesbian fantasy is in play here, and both ladies do a fantastic job conveying it. Price expresses some real vulnerability through her voice, while Daniels’ warming smile and soft eyes are the perfect invitation for Price to take the leap. The kissing to start the action is filled with hunger and curiosity, which sets a sensual mood. Daniels is a spectacular performer, and she makes every scene she’s in a must-watch. She just melts into Price’s touch, and the result is a soft eruption of passion. When she finally descends on Price’s pussy, the slender wom ...continued below

an shudders into orgasmic bliss.

Evelyn Lin and Chastity Lynn:

Nica Noelle helmed this scene from “Lesbian Truth or Dare, Vol. 6,” which centers around shenanigans at Evelyn Lin’s bachelorette party. The premise here involves Lin’s friends surprising her with a female stripper as a way to get around her stuffy “no strippers at my bachelorette party” rule. There are some intriguing story beats here that the audience should explore by getting their hands on the original film, but the narrative between Lin and stripper Lynn is enough for this sexual appetizer. Lynn is eventually able to break through Lin’s inhibitions and introduces the young woman to a world of unexplored pleasure. My oh my, that body scissor is fantastic and wonderfully captured by the camera. Total sensuality.

April Flores and Nina Hartley:

A group of friends gather for a night of food, feasting and fun in the bookend scene for this compilation. From Nica Noelle’s “Lesbian Truth or Dare, Vol. 5,” Nina Hartley finds herself checking on a frazzled April Flores after a dare hits a little too close to the voluptuous vixen’s personal desires. Taking advantage of their moment of privacy, Flores admits to Hartley that she’s got a crush on her, and Hartley responds by shedding her clothes and showering Flores with kisses. There are some really great angles captured in this scene, and Flores really gets into the sex. Hartley is her reliably erotic self, and watching her beam with lustful glee as she rubs and finger fucks Flores to orgasm after orgasm is pretty fantastic. Flores returns the favor in spades when she uses Hartley’s own toy to send her to the moon.

These scenes offer a great sampling from a fabulous series. The cast is quite good, and there’s a nice variety of scenarios and fantasies at play here. Daniels and Price are the clear standouts, but the intensity between Akira and Vixen coupled with the genuine playfulness between Flores and Hartley provides a bountiful harvest of delectable lesbian love.

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