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Zaffit ZDN

  • 20 Movies

    Many XXX Adult movies available for rent or Pay Per View in every category.

  • 67292 Performers

    Profiles on every adult XXX star that has ever worked in the adult industry.

  • 2532 Studios

    Thousands of adult XXX studios with profiles, contact info, and ratings.

  • 4712 Directors

    Thousands of adult XXX porn directors with contact info, and reviews

  • 10 Reviews

    Many reviews for adult movies, adult performers, adult studios and adult directors.

  • 300 InterConnects

    It's all about data aggregation and relationships between that data. ZDN delivers!


  • Zaffit is awesome! I love that we can get a 70% split on all digital media assets that we have uploaded to their global ZDN. The reporting features in our Studio Portal are very extensive, and we never have a problem getting paid by Zaffit.
    I also love that as a studio, I get my own channel that I can send traffic to, that has all of the cross references built in.

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